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Rhodesian Ridgeback SK 20years
List Feli Grosshansa - Nemecko, 2001  
Autor: Monika Tušanová| Pondelok, 10.12.2001 | Téma: Zákon (3134 čítané)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

At present the law about dog breeding in our Slovak Parliament is discussed (deadline 12.6.2001). This law is discriminating against some breeds, besides others also against Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Please, send us, if possible, relevant and actual information concerning present state in your country:
-if any law concerning upbringing and keeping of dogs is approved in your country
-if the law is discriminating against some kinds of breeds
-if a list of fighting and dangerous dogs exists in your country, is RR on it?

We are going to use your attitude as a defence of the breed RR against the discussed law. Please, send your statement to the address: SKCHR, Lieskova 5, 040 01 Kosice, Slovakia and simultaneously by e-mail to:

Thanks for your goodwill
Monika Tusanova
President of Slovak Club of RR Breeders

št 7.6.2001 11:56
OD: Feli Grosshans (
VEC: breed- discriminating

Hi Monika,
The present state here is difficult to tell, because the single countries in the federal republic of germany are various.
There are Countries, which discriminate just 4 breeds (am. staffordshire terrier, pitbull terrier, bullterrier,stafforsshire bullterrier), others
have 12, 13 or more breeds (42 in Northrhine- Westfalia) on theire lists...... The law for the republic regards 4 breeds like above.
Some laws ragard the upbringing and keeping, some just mean the dogs to be leashed and muzzled, or chipped and assuranced.
In the present, the courts have to make decisions, wether these laws can be used without hurting other laws regarding the animalsaving laws...
Germany is a big lunatic-asylum indeed.
The RR is on NONE of the lists!!!!!!!
Breed-lists are without any sense to keep people unharmed. Prominent scientists such as kynologists and ethologists have prooved, that
Dangerousity of dogs is NO Question of breed, but question of upbringing , education and social surrounding. There maybe some
rare bloodlines, in which agression is heritable, but in all the breeds! 
Nowadays people think a muzzled dog is a dangerous dog, and one without muzzle isn´t. There lies a real danger! German shepherds
did 50% of the bloody accidents in the past and they are NOT listed! This is really insane.
Slowakia should not do the mistakes like our politicians. They should give you a good law, concerning breed and breeders. They have to be forced
to breed only with dogs, which are not agressiv and have proven this by passing a character test, like we do here. They have to be forced to socialize
their puppies with children, dogs, cats and so on and to give the puppies only to people, who really know what a dog is and needs! That would solve all the problems. Every other solution is unfair against the innocent animals and the people, who love their doggies.

I hope I could help you , please stay in contact.
best regards
Feli Grosshans


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